Cancer in the Classroom. Portland Oregon: Candlelighters.

Childhood Cancer: Patients Speak Out. 16 min. Children’s Hospital of Denver, 1991

Childhood Cancer: Siblings Speak Out

Fighting Back. Color, 90 min. New York: Documentary Films, 1981

Mr. Rogers Talks about Childhood Cancer, 45 min. 1990

My Brother Is Sick, 13 min. Kids Corner Series, 1984

Understanding Grief: Kids Helping Kids. Earl Grollman. 14 mins.

Welcome Back. 14 min. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins Children’s Center 1994

Older Children and Teenagers

An Adolescent Copes With Death: Debbie. Color, 27 min. 1979

Lasting Impressions. 15 mins.

Parents and Mature Teenagers

Drying Their Tears. 1 hour. Little Rock, AR: CARTI, 1996

Family Portrait: Coping With Childhood Cancer. 1990: 25 min.

No Fears, No Tears. Leora Kuttner. 27 min.

What Do I Tell My Children: How to Help a Child Cope with the Death of a Loved One.

When a Child Has Cancer: Helping Families Cope

For Professionals

What Do I Tell My Children. 30 min. 1991 ACCH Award, President’s Award, NHO winner

Saying Goodbye: Teens Sharing Thier Stories of Grief and Loss. 37 min.

Beyond Death’s Door: Help for the Greiving Process After Someone You Love Dies. 35 min., 1999

To Touch a Grieving Heart: Healthy Ways To Help Ourselves and Others Walk the Journey of Grief. 60 min.,