Introducing “Kids Can Cope” – An Activity Book For Grieving Children

kids-can-copeThe Solace Tree is excited to announce the arrival of our latest book, Kids Can CopeKids Can Cope is an activity book from children for children who are living with change and loss.  Written by Solace Tree Founder Emilio Parga, the book features more than 60 pages of text offering numerous opportunities for children to describe what is happening, write down their questions, draw pictures, identify sources of help and engage in other activities to help them cope.  In addition, a four page glossary explains a long list of terms that may be puzzling to children.

Caring adults will welcome the new tools that Kids Can Cope offers them to help children striving to find ways to manage challenges arising from their own life-threatening illnesses or those of others.
-Charles A. Corr, Ph.D.

Losing a precious member of the family means that the idea of “family” will never be the same. Previous assumptions and what could have been become a fantasy world, with all expectations suddenly gone. Learning to “live” with loss forces us to find a way to remember, keep this special person in our hearts, yet experience joy and life again with those we love. This workbook allows children the opportunity for self discovery down this previously untraveled path, opening new doors to share thoughts and wishes and fears. Through this process they find themselves again and create family anew.
-Caroline Hastings, MD, Children’s Hospital and Research Center, Oakland, California

Kids Can Cope will be available for purchase beginning on April 7th, 2009 from our secure online bookstore.  If you are interested in pre-ordering this book, please use the form below and we will notify you when books become available:

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